Hier folgt der Block für die DSL-Vergleich-Auswahl ...

Is it worth changing tariffs? In 84% of the cases it does! You save money and get better benefits!

Nowadays, many internet users use outdated contracts that are far too expensive. The requirements to your internet connections have changed! Nowadays it's normal to be "always on" and transfer large amounts of data. For example, you upload photos, view video clips or play online games.

Internet providers usually publish new contracts every 12 months that are either cheaper or offer better performance. It is therefore worth taking a closer look and regularly reviewing the DSL (rate) contract used and keeping an eye out for new rates.

Collect bonuses and save money!

When signing a new contract, most DSL providers offer high-quality rewards. Oftentimes you can even choose from a variety of rewards such as mobile tablet computers, a new WIFI router or even cash rewards that are credited to your account!

Faster and cheaper surfing can be so easy!

Switching providers is no big deal. You simply choose a new rate using our DSL rate comparison, and the new provider usually takes care of terminating the old contract. You can sign a new DSL contract even if you are currently still under contract. The new rate is activated automatically as soon as the old contract expires.

You are now well informed and should now take a closer look at the rates we found!