The speed test determines the exact Internet speed!

Do you know the problem that your Internet access sometimes just seems too slow? Then you should check your Internet connection with our speed test!

Many providers advertise and promise the brightest of things when it comes to selling customers the fastest possible Internet access. However, there are often far too many Internet users connected to a street distributor, so these promised speeds cannot be achieved. Especially in the evening hours, the Internet is often noticeably busy, so that pages load with delays or downloads take what feels like eternities.

Does your Internet connection deliver - what it promises?

Check your Internet access on our portal at regular intervals. If you have consistently too low download values in various speed measurements throughout the day, this may indicate an overloaded main distribution frame. As a result, you will reach full bandwidth at most during the night hours (between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m.).

Don't let them do that to you! If your Internet access really does not reach at least 50% of the promised / paid bandwidth, you have the right to take action against it and, if necessary, demand financial compensation from your provider!

Is my Internet connection supported by the speed test?

Our speed test supports all conceivable Internet accesses. Whether you surf with DSL Light, DSL / VDSL, or have cable Internet available, with our bandwidth test you always get independent and meaningful results. We generally recommend running the download test and the upload test several times (ideally at different times of the day) to calculate an average value.

Our speed tests load files of different sizes from our high-speed server and measure the transfer time in the process. The combination of transferred file size and download/upload time provides the basis for calculating your Internet speed. No download files are stored on your computer even if the tests are run multiple times.

You can find more frequently asked questions at our FAQ page.