Please select provider and connection (postal code optional)
As a reference value for the speed test, the selection of a connection is useful.
The selected speed has no significant influence on the test result.

This way, you can quickly and easily check if your download speed matches the desired result.

How the download speed test works

DirectSPEED is a provider-independent bandwidth test for all common Internet accesses. The speed test calibrates itself fully automatically according to the specifications of your internet line. During the test, several files are downloaded and the download time is measured precisely. The maximum speed is determined from these measured values.


During the DSL speed test, you should not perform any other activities or downloads on your computer in order not to distort the measurement. Virus scanners or firewalls can also have a negative influence on the measurement.
We recommend briefly deactivating these programs for the test in order to obtain a reliable test result.
Larger data packets are transferred during the speed test, so a download flat rate is recommended.